Lead Management Services

Maximize your participation at an Event or Exhibition

If we are implementing registration services at the event you are participating at we can offer a world class Exhibitor Lead Management Service. The visitor data collector is a small, convenient barcode scanner which is a simple alternative to collecting business cards from the visitors to your stand.

  • Supply your staff with simple, easy to operate barcode scanners with one-button operation.
  • Provide cleaned and de-duplicated visitor data.
  • Backup the data both on-site and off-site.
  • Upload your data on-line to a password protected website.
  • Provide on-line access to view or download your leads.
  • Sort leads by product, requirement, importance – whatever suits your business.
  • Categorise your leads to streamline crucial post show follow up.

We hire out the smallest and simplest barcode laser scanners available ensuring fast and unobtrusive interaction with your clients. Our specially developed technologies prevent us from getting data mixed up between exhibitors, and our automatic synchronization technology ensures that data uploaded on-site is usually available on-line within 15 minutes

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